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Car Failure experience
I experienced ABS Brake failures on two different cars in a period of 10 months. With the obvious seriousness of this failure, I reported the failure to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). I experienced a significant firewall around NHTSA, trying to get their attention on this potentially fatal problem.

With my insight into the failure of ABS systems, many reported accidents scream to me that the accident was caused by an ABS Brake failure. All these accidents were reported to be caused by other reasons. Most of the worst accidents were reported to be caused by alcohol, training the public to accept any accident to be caused by alcohol whether any proof was available or not.
ABS Brake failures cause two (2) types of accidents.
Distracted Driver Incident (DDI) - This type of failure to date can not be "proven" as a fault in the ABS Brake system so the driver is blamed for the accident. The brake fails and has NO stopping force on the car, so the car rolls until natural forces stop it, or the car hits something. NHTSA continually invents new distracted driver laws to give the certified accident investigator something to put in the accident report for this type of of crash. However, these do not address the "root cause" so little progress is made to make the roads safer.

Spectacular Crash Incident (SCI) - These accidents are picked out for local TV and Newspaper stories. Many achieve national news. A common description for this failure is Sudden (Unintended) Acceleration but is not recognized by accident investigators in its many accident results. This failure causes cars to end up on roofs, inside buildings, in water, or in general where the remains of the accident can not be recognized as a vehicle.
NHTSA will never find the problem
NHTSA has failed to recognize this deadly problem in ABS Brakes for over two decades. NHTSA promoted ABS Brakes in the 1980's as a road safety enhancement. Not recognizing ABS Brakes as the deadly killer it is, NHTSA has generated many distracted driver laws to put the blame on the driver.  Many innocent drivers are being convicted every week for accidents the driver has no control over preventing.

"Certified accident investigators" are not trained to recognize the ABS Brake failure. Doing as trained, they fill out accident reports with wrong causes. News reporters broadcast  these erroneous causes; public opinion is molded to wrong issues. Special interest groups like MADD are so overwhelming in their cause that key facts are ignored in the prosecution of the driver. NHTSA and recently National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) are pushing lower BAC limits, which are not a factor in failed ABS Brake crashes.

NHTSA has policies and procedures that will prevent them from finding the failure of the ABS Brakes. Therefore, NHTSA will continue to create and promote new ineffective laws to Congress and State legislatures. This results in the conviction of innocent drivers in our civil and criminal "Justice system".

Drivers supporting and believing in these Distracted Driver Laws because they catch bad drivers and practices they do not do, find themselves in uncharted territory when the car they drive has an ABS Brake failure. Most advice by trusted "automotive experts" is wrong on how to control a car with sudden acceleration (ABS Brake failure). This makes the death of the driver and others involved in the accident more likely because no one is aware of defective ABS Brakes and what strategies work to minimize damages.

A problem not recognized as a problem, is never fixed. We are at three decades and counting. With NHTSA expertise, this problem will never be recognized or fixed. 
When the true accident cause is not identified - Innocent drivers are blamed
NHTSA has invented many distracted driver laws to convict drivers in cars that had accidents caused by defective brakes. Many innocent drivers have lost jobs, lost homes, lost family, and even spent time in prison for an accident they had no control over preventing.
Summary for this website
  • Possibly all car makes experience a failed ABS Brake which may turn into Sudden Acceleration
  • NHTSA and automotive experts have focused on the wrong failing modules for over 3 decades
  • NHTSA crafted Distracted Driver laws to pacify the public but results in convicting innocent drivers.
  • National Crash Data Base corrupted by many DD causes and not the actual failed ABS Brake
  • Drivers' lives ruined for the crime of driving a car with defective ABS Brakes
  • Crashes resulting from defective ABS Brakes can be far more devastating than locked brake skids ABS Brakes were designed to prevent.
  • Innocent Drivers are fined, lose jobs, lose homes, lose family, put in prison by our "Justice System" for the crime of driving a car with defective ABS Brakes.

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