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ABS Brakes - The Stealth Killer
Tri-State Auto Auction Crash
Date :                 3/19/2008
Location:    Tri -State Auction lot
Name:                  unknown
Car:            Range Rover SUV
Vehicle Year:   unknown
City;               Crestwood
Type Accident:   Parking lot crash
Killed:                 None
Injured:               Fifteen

Accident Description

An SUV, in line to be auctioned and driven by an Auction employee, entered a sudden acceleration mode hitting a  minivan, ran over a crowd of people inside the auction building then out the other side, and hit another crowd of people. The SUV stopped several hundred yards after exiting the auction building.
Several witnesses recall the motor was at high speed.

News Stories:                           Chicago Tribune  

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My Comments:

Auto auctions are the perfect place to dump a problem car when you want no connection with whoever buys the car. All cars are sold as is. Buyers get a few hours to do the total assessment of the car. The failing ABS Brakes have caused several cars in the above reference articles to fail at the auto auction where the car is driven only a few hundred yards on the lot. I drove my car a couple hundred miles over three days before it had an ABS Brake failure. I would expect a large number of the auto auction cars have this hidden problem and the new owner will be given a major surprise in a matter of days, weeks, or months. Since the ABS Brake failure does not exist in the formal car world of knowledge, no one can be tagged with selling a defective car. (All the blame is put on the distracted driver).

If you  experienced a moment of brake failure on your car and you take it to a dealer and the technician says there is nothing wrong with your car, what would you do?
  • Continue driving the dangerous car because the dealer said it was OK.
  • Mothball it until a recall is generated to fix the problem.
  • Sell it yourself to a friend (or an enemy) or someone you don't know.
  • Get rid of it at an Auto Auction.

The Auto Auction choice will look better as you consider all options.

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