Fix Automobile Sudden Acceleration
ABS Brakes - The Stealth Killer


Having experienced a failed ABS Brake and surviving the failure, I can recognize how many unexplainable accidents occur. The Spectacular Crash Incidents (SCI) accidents occur everyday and reach the local and sometimes national news. I have tracked down police departments across the US to give them insight into the possibility that a defective brake could cause the accident. I have sent letters to people I felt were railroaded by the "justice system" and the press. No one ever responded. Local crash investigators never seem to get what I am telling them. They must be bound by the training received to be "certified" and, therefore, continue the misdirection and wrong crash reports filed into the National Crash Data Base.  New laws can not be drawn up with any effectiveness if the data base used to craft the laws is up to 20% garbage. The following are a few news stories and my comments to them. Links are provided for more details.

Houston Police Officer runs red light and T-Boned  (DDI)

Officer claims Brakes failed but not believed by fellow officer and DA  -  (HPD full story)

Ferman crash in Fiesta Grocery parking lot  (SCI)
DA claims man intentionally runs into wall to kill wife after grocery visit   -  (Fiesta full story)

Missing person Silver Alert - Lillian High   (SCI)
Search for Lillian extended greatly by police   (Lillian full story)

Texas City Police Officer rams car he was intending to help  (SCI)

Truck rams car so hard kills lady inside   (TCPO full story)

Chicago Auto Auction car crash  (SCI)
Car for auction runs out of control through building   (CAA full story)

Santa Monica Farmers market Incident (SCI)
Elder driver runs into crowd of people  (SM Market full story)

Kroger store crash (SCI)
Customer crashes car through front door killing shopper inside store 
(Kroger full story)

Memphis Police Officer car runs out of control  (SCI)
Police car ends up a utility pole   - 
(MPO full story)

Many Crashes happen every day caused by defective ABS Brakes, more examples may be added if they better demonstrate points I want to make.

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