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Distracted Driver Incident - DDI

Distracted Driver Incident (DDI)

When the driver intends to stop his car and puts his foot on the brake pedal, an ABS Brake failure will likely cause a serious wreck. The driver has only 2 - 6 seconds before serious injury or death. In these few seconds of panic, the driver will not have time to analyze what is actually happening and be able to tell the true details of the brake failure that caused the accident. No one has told drivers that the ABS Brakes can fail and very few realize what happened. Certified crash experts are trained to blame the driver for these accidents. The few drivers who are not killed and know their brakes failed are crushed by certified accident investigators, automotive mechanics, and agressive DA's who piece together facts to convence a jury to convict this wreckless driver. Juries are not told that ABS Brakes do fail. No evidence is available to support the drivers claim the brakes failed. Innocent  drivers are routinely convicted for a crash they had no way to avoid.

DDI crash senerios           ( CWFB - Car with failing brakes )

1) CWFB runs into car stopping in front of it.   Driver easily cited for failure to maintain control
2) CWFB runs past a stop sign before stopping.    T Bone crash likely killing driver or passenger
3) CWFB runs through a Red Light.   T Bone crash likely killing driver or passenger
4) CWFB runs into a garage door or back of garage while parking
5) CWFB runs over a cliff or into water failing to stop.
6) CWFB runs into a person or a crowd not being able to stop.

The difference between the DDI crash and an SCI crash is that the car is not under power or acceleration when the accident happens, so the CWFB does a lot less damage to other property.

Please note;  The hardest concept for people to grasp and accept in these senerios is that the resulting crash is independant of the driver talking on a cell phone, being young, being old, being on medicine, talking to a person in the car, or even being totally drunk.

My point is that I am not saying that the individual distracted driving issues can't cause an accident, just that the driver 's condition has no bearing on a car accident when the ABS brakes failed.

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