Fix Automobile Sudden Acceleration
ABS Brakes - The Stealth Killer
Fiesta Parking Lot Crash
Date :                 5/13/2010
Location:   Fiesta Grocery parking lot
Name:              Pedro Ferman
Car:                Lexus
Vehicle Year:   1990
City;             Houston
Type Accident:   Parking lot crash
Killed:                 One
Injured:               Two

Accident Description

Pedro waited in car with 3 year old son for his wife in the Fiesta grocery store. When the wife returned and Pedro put the car in gear to return home, the Lexus had a sudden acceleration event and hit another car, went through a hedge, reached speeds of 60 MPH before slamming into concrete sign.
Pedro claimed the brakes did not work. His wife died in the crash,
Two months later Pedro was charged with intentionally killing his wife.

News Stories:   Orig accident  ABC News      
                           Charged with murder  ABC News         Chronicle
My Comments:

Once again a person experienced a failed brake and it resulted in a sudden acceleration, (SCI) The driver, Pedro, told investigators that the brakes failed. His statement was considered a lie when the accident investigators and Lexus mechanics determined they could find nothing wrong with the brakes. (See my section on Stealth Mode)
Pedro was put through the legal torment after loosing his wife. An aggressive DA put together circumstantial evidence to build a case that he intentionally killed his wife and he had to defend himself after experiencing this trauma. If I wanted to kill my wife, I would not put her in the car seat next to me and drive the car into a brick wall. Is there any sanity in our legal system? This makes no sense. This whole scenario starts with "expert" automotive investigators not trained to identify Spectacular Crash Incidents (SCI) and the refusal of NHTSA to accept the failures of the ABS Brakes.

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