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Houston Police Officer Crash
Date :                 7/15/2010
Location:      Downtown Houston
Name:              Officer Payne
Car:     Police Ford Crown Victoria
Vehicle Year:   2006
City;             Houston
Type Accident:   T-Bone at Stop Light
Killed:                 None
Injured:               Two
Accident Description:

Houston Police Officer in city police car ran a red light.
Claims brakes did not work on way to hospital.

News Stories:   ABC News

My Comments

The police car is the same basic car as the Mercury Grand Marqui in which I experienced a failed ABS Brake and rolled right under a red light. I could not stop the car. Fortunately for me there was no cross traffic.

I called the Houston PD after a couple days to inquire about the officer and the accident investigation.
I was told -
  1. The officer was still in the hospital.
  2. The officer writing the accident report was not in the office
  3. The car was in the police garage for brake inspection.
I told the police officer that the car brake inspection would not find any fault and I would call back to explain how the accident actually happened

After a week I called back and talked to the accident investigator. He said all stories were wrong. The HPO computer keyboard fell on the floor and the HPO was trying to retrieve it and not paying attention to where he was going,   Case closed.    This  reason was put in the accident report.

The Houston Police Officer would not believe the statement of a fellow Police Officer and with no confirmation from the maintenance garage inspection, dismissed the most accurate statement. No reference was put in the accident report that the officer stated a brake failure was the cause or that the brakes were inspected.

I spoke to the Houston DA months later and tried to get them to understand car brake failure and was again questioned as to why I believe what is put in the news stories. I guess HPO Payne was punished internally or in the courts for the failure of the defective car he was issued to drive by the Houston PD.

I have looked into other Houston Police Officer crashes that look to me as caused by defective ABS Brakes; some killed the Houston Police Officer, but the HPD won't give me time to explain defective ABS Brakes.

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