Fix Automobile Sudden Acceleration
ABS Brakes - The Stealth Killer
Kroger Crash
Date :                 11/17/2006
Location:   Kroger Grocery Hwy 6
Name:              Donna Hewitt
Car:          Lincoln Continental
Vehicle Year:   2004
City;          Missouri City
Type Accident:   Parking lot crash
Killed:                 One
Injured:               One

Accident Description

Donna  goes to a local Kroger store on Friday afternoon. Driving in the parking lot to find a space, her car suddenly accelerates out of control and she crashes through the front door of Kroger's. The accident killed a lady retrieving a grocery cart and injured one other.
Donna claims the brakes failed.
No alcohol iinvolved.

News Stories:   ABC13

My Comments:

Once again a person experienced a failed ABS brake and it resulted in a sudden acceleration, (SCI) This happens every week locally when a driver in a parking lot experiences sudden acceleration and the car or truck runs into a building. The driver instinctively drives through the front door as it appears less dangerous to the driver in the couple seconds the driver has to evaluate this bizarre scene.  Many of these types of accidents are put in the national news.  The news always faults the driver for DUI or putting a foot on the accelerator rather than the brake.

With no alcohol involved, the investigator recommended no charges for the driver. It was an accident.

The same scenerio with the driver's alcohol level above the "legal" limit would have resulted in totally different and very severe charges. Drivers with alcohol are abused by the "justice system" for brake failure accidents because the system does not recognize the ABS Brake failure as the cause of many accidents.

The ABS Brakes are not supposed to be active at speeds in a parking lot. Prior Hydraulic brakes would never cause the propulsion of a car or truck into a building.  Have we created a monster worse than the problem we intended to fix?

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