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Lillian High - Silver Alert
Date :                 10/3/2011
Location:      S Beltway 8 access road
Name:              Lillian High
Car:     Dodge Avenger Loaner
Vehicle Year:   2010
City;             Houston
Type Accident:  Drove into Pond
Killed:                  One
Injured:               None

Accident Description

Lillian did not show up for work on Monday 10/3/2011. A Silver Alert issued - she was 82.
Texas EquuSearch and Laura Recovery Center led search efforts.
Nightly news made pleas for help to search for over a month.

News Stories:  Search   News13
                                         Search Nov
                           Found    ABC News
My Comments:

After a week of pleas and stories of the search for Lillian and no clues coming forth, I took interest in helping the search. Groups of people including Texas EquuSearch had covered the area of interest and found nothing. I discovered the likely route she would take to work in the morning and on Tuesday 10/11, I drove the route a couple times. My theory was she was a victim of sudden acceleration, so I was looking beyond the near road stopping points. Even though I have tried to make people aware that suddenn acceleration is likely in all makes of cars, I have not succeeded. Definitely a Dodge was not associated with SA. After 2 hours searching, I saw a retention pond with a fountain that was about a football field length from the access road. I determined this was the most logical place on her route to work that Lillian could be and totally disappear. She could only get that far off the access road by experiencing sudden acceleration (SCI).

On 10/12 I called the Houston Police Tip Line and reported the pond location where I figured Lillian to most likely be. I did not have the permission, equipment, or skills to search the pond.  I expected news that day but nothing came.

On 10/25 I sent an email to the Laura Recovery Center, also participating in the search, and told them that  Lillian was most likely in the retention pond. Again I waited days turning to weeks with no feedback.

On 11/5 and 11/8 I called the police tip line and left messages as to whether my input to check the pond was ever done. The next day the police returned my call, confirmed the pond was checked and told me the news will let me know when she is found. The tone used made it clear my participation was done.

On 2/15/2012, Four months after I told them where to find Lillian, her car was pulled from the retention pond. See news link above.

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