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Memphis Police Officer crashes up a pole
Date :                 4/29/2013
Location:        Elvis Presley Blvd
Name:          Officer Johnathon Bond
Car:                     ?
Vehicle Year:       ?
City;             Memphis
Type Accident:   Police chase
Killed:                 None
Injured:               None

Accident Description

Policeman saw driver with no seat belt and initiated pursuit to give a ticket.
Police car ended up a utility pole.

News Stories:     News3    
                             ABC News
.My Comments:

Once again a police officer experienced a failed brake and it resulted in a sudden acceleration, (SCI). In a Police chase both drivers are pushing the cars to the limits (pushing both the brake and the accelerator very hard) and the resulting ABS Brake failure is totally confusing to the driver. Pushing the brake and the car speeds up! If the driver is pushing the brake going around a corner too fast and the car speeds up instead, this type of accident will happen.

The police car with the failing brakes is issued by the Police department. No article identified the Police car make and year. If it is the Ford Crown Victoria used almost universally across the US, this just adds to the likelihood the crash was caused by this model car. The officer driving the defective car is blamed and punished for the accident. Normal citizens are not alone in the execution of wrong blame in the "justice system".

I called the Memphis Police department and left a message for the Police Chief that Officer Bond was likely innocent and should not be charged with the accident. No one returned my call to even inquire what I had to say.

Police across the nation continue to put their lives on the line in a car with defective brakes. How many crashes are blamed on the patrolman and not identified to the actual failure?

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