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ABS Brakes - The Stealth Killer
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Fixes for Sudden Acceleration that do NOT work
  • Removing floor mats or placing anchors in floor mats
  • Toyota pedal recall fix
  • New distracted driver laws or increasing fines on existing distracted driver laws.
  • Audi fix of the "Brake shift interlock" because this assumes the brakes work
  • New "Brake override" because this also assumes the brakes work

Bad expert advice to control Sudden Acceleration

  • Put both feet on the Brake and push as hard as possible because the brake power overrides the engine. This assumes incorrectly the brakes work. Putting both feet and the brake pedal assures one foot will be over the accelerator pedal.
  • Do not turn off the engine (loose steering)  With engine off, you do not hit object at full acceleration
  • Drive to a safe place to turn off engine or put in Neutral.  The car is accelerating to maximum speed and any delay in stopping the car will only make the crash more dangerous.

Advice to control a car with Sudden Acceleration
  • Take your foot off the brake (and accelerator). This is not instinctive so you have to be confident before this happens to be able to do this with an accelerating car. If raising your foot off the brake (and accelerator) does not work, it is not an SCI event and turning your car off must be next.
  • Push (or Pull) your emergency brake. Emergency brakes are only mechanical, and connected to the rear wheels. This saved me from a major crash exiting a freeway. The emergency brake locked the wheel and killed the engine. When I restarted the engine, the brakes were working as normal again. I understand some new cars have electronic parking brakes. My guess is you are SOL. These cars also have push button starting so you will not be able to turn the engine off quickly either.
  • Turn your car off. The longer you avoid objects, the faster you will be going, and the worse the crash will be.
  • Hit the first object you can to stop the car. Delaying the crash will only make it worse.

Myths or Sayings that are misunderstood about Sudden Acceleration
  • Only a few car models like Toyota experience Sudden Acceleration. Actually all car models are likely to have the SA problem. There are only a few manufacturers of ABS Brakes worldwide and they supply all car manufactures.
  • When the ABS Brakes fail, you always have the hydraulic brakes functional. Though this was a design intent, when the ABS Brake program goes bad and it cannot even function to stop the car, the hydraulic brakes are nonfunctional as well.
  • Data recorders (Black Boxes) accurately record the state of the brakes when analyzing a crash timing. The ABS Brake is in a zombie state and does not perform the only function it is designed to perform, so why accept it is reporting accurate data to a black box recorder?
  • Data recorders (Black Boxes) accurately record the speed of the car when analyzing a crash timing. For SCI crashes, the speed and acceleration of the car frequently sends the car airborne before the crash into a tree, building , or water. With the accelerator pedal on the floor and the wheels in the air with no resistance, the recorded speed by the car can be much higher than actual.
  • Eye witness to run away cars states no brake lights were on so the driver was not applying the brakes. Newer cars have communication lines between modules to save weight of copper lines. Car in question needs to be verified to have direct line to brakes or the fouled communication system could prevent brake lights from turning on or being recorded in the Black box.
  • Cars with Manual shift do not have Sudden Acceleration. Cars with manual shift have the clutch engaged before the brake. Therefore, there is no powered acceleration (SCI) if the brakes fail. The brakes may fail but it will result in a DDI event so the accident severity is less and the driver is blamed for the accident.
  • European drivers think America just has bad drivers. The majority of cars in Europe and other countries are manual shift so they will not have the SCI events Americans do because almost all our cars are automatic transmissions in the USA.
  • Women are worse drivers than men. This is straight from a NHTSA study on "Pedal Application Errors"  Page 1. The truth is  women are given the new car assuming it will have less mechanical problems and will be a safer ride for the family. A defective brake will show up in the early use of a new car. The reams of studies NHTSA put out can not assume any realistic or intelligent thought processes were used. Just copy the computer generated  data and call it research.
  • Drivers that experience sudden acceleration are unfamiliar with the car. Since neither SA nor defective ABS brakes is officially recognized, defective cars are passed to unsuspecting new users until one driver draws the short straw and has to deal with the crash. We need to get these cars off the road or disengage the ABS part of the brakes.

Bad laws created to solve the crashes caused by Defective ABS Brakes 
  • Cell phone restriction laws. Cell phone restrictions in school zones.
  • Red Light Camera laws - Does not affect defective brake operation.
  • Move over laws. - Causes traffic backups.  Tickets should only be written off the freeways and highways.
  • Construction zone laws to double fines. Rough roads in construction zones likely activate the bad ABS Modules which will cause a DDI or SCI crash. All effort needs to keep traffic moving in construction zones to prevent brake usage.
  • Multiple offenses by driver multiplying fines, insurance, and fees. Owning one car with defective brakes could escalate you into many years of abuse if you are not killed and the defective car is not totaled in the first crash.

If no trouble found on cars with defective brakes - How do drivers dispose of problem cars?

If the car you drive has a faulty ABS Brake system and you fear driving the car, after the dealer says there is nothing wrong with the brakes, what do you do? I applaud the family on Nightline or 60 Minutes who left a luxury car sitting in their garage because they felt the car was unsafe for anyone to drive. Not many people can afford this luxury.

If you trade the car in for a new or used car, who would tell the dealer that the car being traded in has trouble stopping? The hit on the trade in value would be significant. If you sold it yourself, would you tell the buyer that you suspect brake problems? If you do not tell the buyer of the braking issues, are you liable if the dealer claims the car is functional to specifications Is any more needed?

What happens to these unsafe cars?  My guess is these cars are offered at very good deals. The deal is so good that few questions are asked and the car buyer closes the deal immediately because of fear the car will not be available if he returns later. My first experience was with a Mercury Grand Marqui deal I could not pass up. I suspect the elderly on fixed incomes, parents getting their child a first car, and the poor  would jump at cars that are much better in appearance than the price asking would indicate. These classes of people are least able to defend themselves for an accident caused by a defective car.

Auto auctions are a good place to rid yourself of a problem car. Their are no claims or warrantees. Buyer assumes all responsibility to check the car out in the few hours open for inspection. My page on the Chicago Auto Auction shows several cases of cars that were driven only a few hundred feet on the Auction lot and the ABS Brakes failed with the car causing damage, injures and deaths. How many sold did not have the ABS Brake failure for days or weeks after purchase at an auto auction?

One interesting observation is that the Saylor Family and Lillian High were all in "loaner cars" from dealers repairing the owner's cars.  Are dealers and garages using this stealth technique to rid themselves of problem cars?

Trucks now required to have ABS Brakes  - Bad Idea

I have not concentrated on truck accidents but find it odd that there are several truck accidents on Houston freeways every week. My grandfather drove trucks on narrow highways in the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee. He was proud of the safety record he and other truckers achieved traveling narrow roads and through small towns. Why are there so many accidents on Houston freeways of 3 and 4 lanes with controlled access? How easy of a drive can you make it?

My theory is the mass of trucks make the wheels skid on a regular basis. If the load is liquid and can shift during a stop, an ABS Brake on a truck, even if independantly controlled, will be activated even under nominal braking. If one or two wheels release to gain road control, that puts more momentum on the wheels remaining and they will release to prevent skidding. The momentum causes a cascade effect of the ABS brakes releasing the brakes. This would be a disaster as the truck driver also has no control of stopping and momentum throws the truck over the rail on a turn. Again the legal system blames the driver.

It seems there have been many truck laws implemented to do random checks of trucks on the road for safety, limit driver time behind the wheel each day, stop truck drivers from talking on a cell phone, etc. These are the same issues found in car accidents and are likely caused by ABS Brakes failures which the driver has no control over.

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