Fix Automobile Sudden Acceleration
ABS Brakes - The Stealth Killer
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  NHTSA

  NHTSA is a government agency under the Department of Transportation (DOT)

NHTSA was established by the Highway Safety Act of 1970 and is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence in motor vehicle and highway safety. It works daily to help prevent crashes and their attendant costs, both human and financial.
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When I discovered the ABS Brake problem, I figured NHTSA was the correct place to send this new information. What could be more dangerous on the nations streets and highways than cars with brake failures?  I sent the information to NHTSA on December 14, 2006. I expected to receive feedback for this serious issue in days. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months. What I did not realize until years later was my input was dead on arrival. NHTSA had conducted many Defect Investigations for brake failures over the prior years and never found a problem. They did not need another brake failure investigation to not find the problem again!

With no response from NHTSA, I resent the report. I called to try to discuss this important discovery I thought I had. NHTSA has a very good firewall around the organization. Crash incidents are put in a Crash Data Base and NHTSA determines what they want to work on after ranking issues as they see it.

With ABS Brake failure accidents happening often, I was compelled to find more informaton to send to NHTSA. Quickly I found I was unable to get any data from crashes near me, as lawyers would not let anyone, in an accident I thought was caused by failed ABS Brakes, talk to me, even though the information should help clear the driver.

I went through my Congressman to get the opportunity to talk to a person behind the NHTSA firewall. The NHTSA person confirmed my letter was in their Crash Data Base.  The failing brakes issue was not reported by enough people to make it high in their priorities. I explained there were crashes caused by defective brakes every day, but they are reported in the system as other causes so he will not get the proper distribution and priority for this failure in NHTSA Crash Data Base.

He challenged me to name another accident to show my point. I used the nationally broadcast crash at the Chicago Auto Auction (Details) which was a Sudden Acceleration event caused by defective ABS Brakes. After explaining it to him, he asked one question - "Did you see the accident in person?"  Answer - No, I read about it in the news.
He responded that my input is not valid unless I witnessed it personally!

Now let me get this right, my experience in a failed ABS Brake incident (giving me insight no one else has) is not a valid position to help explain the crash. However, a person in the crowd, run over by the out of control driver, would have valid inputs like 1) The driver was talking on the cell phone, 2) The driver was old or young,  3) The driver looked like he was on drugs, 4) The driver looked like he was not paying attention where he was going. The person in the crowd could never report that they saw the ABS Brakes fail. All the reports in their data base are witnessed first hand reports so the NHTSA will never recognize failed brakes as a problem because most drivers are killed, drivers surviving will not know what happened, and those reporting failed brakes are discredited by "automotive experts" that have never experienced the brake failure. Data collected from the witnesses will always clutter up the facts showing the brakes failed.

Trying to tell accident investigators that an accident was caused by defective brakes was always rejected because it can not be seen or measured. After the accident, any test on the brakes pass so if the driver reports a failed brake, the mechanic's report will say that the brakes are fully functional. The driver's correct input is always thrown out and used to discredit the driver. (See  Stealth Mode)

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
                        Mark Twain

With every accident report on cars with failing brakes wrong, how can any useful laws be crafted and reduce the accidents caused by defective brakes? NHTSA has created public approved distracted driving laws to help accident investigators have something to put in their report; but this is futile actions, since it does not address the "root cause".  This is a never ending cycle.

Do a Study to find public accepted driver habit to target
Create new law,
Does not reduce accidents,
Do a Study to find public accepted driver habit to target
Create new law,
Does not reduce accidents,
Do a Study to find public accepted driver habit to target

Create new law,
Does not reduce accidents,
This is a never ending cycle of little to no return
NHTSA helps create a full employment situation for police writing tickets, lawyers prosecuting and defending drivers, courts and supporting personnel. All to abuse innocent drivers. Many laws that do not reduce accidents remain on the books. If we ever correct the ABS Brake problem, it will significantly reduce accidents. We will still have on the books numerous laws with little value which are used to punish innocent drivers.

Continue on to the Toyota information which depicts how this misguided government agency abused its position of power against Toyota.

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