Fix Automobile Sudden Acceleration
ABS Brakes - The Stealth Killer

Path to Resolution

Deactivate the ABS Module

If you are on this website because you own a car that has demonstrated problems with braking, you are seriously concerned about your safety in the car, and your car dealer or garage has told you they can not find anything wrong with the brakes, I recommend you deactivate the ABS module. This puts you back to a straight hydraulic braking system which you are using essentially 100% of the time anyway. See if this helps you feel safer driving your car. Pulling a fuse / relay to the ABS Module is supposed to deactivate the system. The best option is to replumb the brake lines around the ABS control module. This may not be possible in some cars.  In emergency stops you may have to pump the brakes again, but this is far better than the ABS Brake failure causing sudden acceleration and a far worse crash than possible with a skid.

I asked for recommendations from local mechanics on the best way to properly deactivate the ABS Brakes. He would not enter a rational discussion stating he could not participate in disabling a car safety feature. There may be laws that do not allow this action. NHTSA needs to offer a program for deactivating cars with this ticking time bomb or start a program to buy back these unsafe cars and get them off the roads,

Send recommendations or experience with this change to me at -

NHTSA to study ABS Brake Manufacturers crash data across all cars.

When I had the failed ABS Brake incident in the Mercury, I was surprised neither the dealer mechanics nor supervisors had a clue who makes their ABS Modules. No Manufacturers name or data was on the replacement boxes or systems. There are only a few manufacturers of ABS Brake systems world wide. NHTSA should require all car manufacturers to report what Manufacturer / Model / Rev of the brake systems they use in every car model. Run this against the crashes in the data base to see if any manufacturer stands out positively or negatively.

If one ABS manufacturer stands out positively, studies should be done to see how other manufacturers can improve their systems. If one ABS manufacturer is worse than all the rest, a plan is needed to eliminate the manufacturer or improve the quality.

If no manufacturer stands out for the better or worse, a serious look needs to made on the general specification all manufactures are designing to, to find the faults in the specifications which cause the system failures.

Spectacular Crash Incident (SCI) training for accident investigators

NHTSA needs to update accident investigator training to be able to spot Spectacular Crash Incidents (SCI) and be able to report crashes correctly on crash reports. Purge or separate crash data entered prior to  this training. Why should we continue to blame innocent drivers in our "justice system"?

Make a plan to be able to identify Distracted Driver Incident (DDI)

It is not possible to distinguish a DDI event from driver error with present systems and training.  A strategy to specify additions to the car's black box recording or other system modules is necessary to make it possible to separate driver or brake system error. Current plans for the black box specification likely will fall short if the fail mode of the ABS Brakes is not properly handled.

NHTSA to make a National data base for tracking car history by VIN.

When an SCI accident occurs, a news reporter will be on the scene and citing statistics immediately about the driver - prior DUIs, prior arrests, prior convictions.  The defective car which actually caused the wreck has no searchable data base to know if it could be the problem. How much better would it be to scrap a defective car and not blame the driver than put an innocent driver in prison for years?

NHTSA to provide Congress with metrics to prove reasons for proposed new laws.

When a new law is proposed for public safety, it should be backed by expected results of fewer accidents
, injuries, or deaths. After a test state or two enact the new law, a study should be done to see if what was promised by  the law making body, actually happened. Several studies in the three decades ABS Brakes have been used, do not show  the expected improvement in accidents or deaths. Yet the government proceeded on to expand ABS Brake use in all cars and now to trucks, buses, and even motorcycles.

Similar problems in proving that cell phones cause accidents. Studies by insurance groups show no statistical difference in accident or death rates in states with or without cell phone laws. With no data to prove cell phone laws of value, the laws should be deleted from legal requirements.

The same thing happened with Red Light Cameras. Houston even commissioned a study to show the improved crash and death rates at intersections with red light cameras. When the study showed no clear improvements, the revenue stream was so big that it took significant action by the people to get city council to back away from and delete Red Light Cameras. Red light cameras do not achieve the results used to convince governing bodies to accept there use. This should be automatic with safety laws as NHTSA has gone wild in recent years piling many safety laws on bad data and research studies.

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