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Everyone considers themselves a good driver

When a driver gets behind the wheel, he has good expectations the car is functional and safe to drive. The public tolerates the Distracted Driver laws proposed by NHTSA, in most part, because they feel the laws don't apply to themselves. Crashes are only caused by drunk drivers. If you don't drink, you have a good chance not to crash. If you don't talk on a cell phone, you are safe from a crash. If you are not older than 60, you are a safe driver. If you don't text while driving, you are a safe driver. All the distracted driver laws give drivers a false sense of security by thinking that if you do not commit these driving "sins", you are safe.

Driving down a city street with a speed limit of 45 MPH, you push your brake and the car starts speeding up.

What would you do?

You have not had a drink. You are not on a cell phone. You are not texting. You are middle age, the prime of your life.  No one told you that sudden acceleration was real. The car speeds quickly to 55 MPH, then 65MPH while your foot is on the brake. You approach a car going the speed limit and move left to safely go around him. Shortly after this you approach a stop light, but the car is still accelerating. There is no way to stop the car and the cars in front of you are stopping for the red light. Your choice is to ram the car in front at a high speed, go right around the cars which could result in running on a side walk with people, a private yard, a playground, or go left around, which may involve moving into the lane going the opposite direction (but no cars in sight). This may happen in a two lane street and your options are only to go strait and crash or go the one unobstructed way. Any move seems better than the straight ahead crash. You make it through the light but crash into a car on the next segment of road.

Lets list your violations so far.
  1. Speeding way above road limits witnessed by several drivers
  2. Weaving erratically down the street - Legal - Failure to maintain a single lane
  3. Running a red light
  4. Failure to control your vehicle

As you are taken away in an ambulance, the local news reporter arrives to announce that witnesses have reported you were speeding and driving erratically. You are most likely drunk and to be tested at the hospital.

Whether you were legally drunk or committed one of the other distracted driving sins, the punishment will be much worse than if there were no distracted driver issues with which to charge you. If there was no alcohol involved it is not a factor in public opinion because the reporter has already identified the crash with alcohol. I have never seen a reporter correct a news mistake.

What would you do if you were sitting in a passenger seat next to a driver dealing with an ABS Brake failure and sudden acceleration?

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