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Spectacular Crash Incident - SCI

Spectacular Crash Incident (SCI)

When the driver intends to stop his car and puts his foot on the brake pedal, an ABS Brake failure will cause a much more serious wreck if the foot on the brake is placed slightly to the right of the brake pedal or angles his foot so the foot also covers a portion of the accelerator pedal. This bad habit of foot placement will never be an issue when the brakes are working properly because the brake pedal stops before the misplaced foot will touch the accelerator pedal. When the ABS Brake fails and the brake pedal goes to the floor with no braking action on the car, the accelerator is pressed to the floor along with the brake pedal. The driver knows his foot is on the brake as he presses it to the floor. The car starts to rapidly speed up because the brakes have failed and the foot is pressing the accelerator to the floor with the brake pedal.  The driver has only 2 - 10 seconds before serious injury or death. In these few seconds of panic, the driver will not have time to analyze what is actually happening and be able to tell the true details of the brake failure that caused the accident. No one has told drivers that the ABS Brakes can fail and very few realize what they went through. These drivers will crash into an object at full acceleration causing major damage to both objects. Automotive experts recommend putting both feet on the brake and push as hard as possible  because "the brakes always override the engine". These experts have never experienced an ABS Brake failure in their career. Certified crash experts will not be able to distinquish a DDI crash from a normal crash, but in the SCI crash, the damage will be much greater. A trained person should be able to tell the crash was caused by more power than logical in the crash senerio. The few drivers who are not killed in this type of crash are injured to an extent that many do not remember anything about the crash. Crash details are left to "trusted" certified accident investigators  who piece together facts to explain how the accident occurred. A high percentage of these accidents have fatalities which get blamed on the driver, who may have had no ability to control or avoid the accident. Again DAs don't recognize the ABS Brake failure. Many innocent drivers are tagged with the fatalities of the accident.

The accelerator pedal on the floor causes acceleration at the maximum the car will deliver. The panicked driver will try to avoid any objects as best he can. This strategy is in all of us, but the longer the car accelerates the faster it will be going when the driver runs out of options to avoid hitting something in a spectacular crash (SCI). The idea a driver would have less damage if he hit the first object possible in this senerio goes totally against logic in a panic situation. Also with less traffic at night, the driver has the possibility of missing more objects (read this obtain a higher speed) before he runs out of options and crashes. A higher percentage of people on the road at night have had alcohol to drink, and this factor has been marketed to the public as the only causes of SCI accidents. However the truth is a totally drunk person may also have been the victim of a defective ABS Brake.

SCI crash senerios           ( CWFB - Car with failing brakes )

1) CWFB runs into car stopping in front of it.   Driver easily cited for failure to maintain control
    The severity will vary greatly depending on
  • Distance from brake failure to impact of car in front
  • Horsepower of CWFB
  • Mass of the CWFB - Pickup trucks have mass and power to kill people in cars they hit from behind.
1A) CWFB has room to move right or left to avoid a car stopping in front, but now has an accelerating car in an emergency lane with cement barriers and has no option but to drive the lane until crashing into the car or police car stopped in the lane.
1B) CWFB can not stop before crashing into car stopping in front. I have a few times steered right or left to achieve an extra foot or two to stop safely. In this senerio, the CWFB is speeding up, not slowing down. This requires a sharper and quicker turn to avoid the car in front and may result in a roll over, especially in a high center of gravity SUVs.  Many rollover accidents may have been caused by failing ABS Brakes.
2) CWFB runs past a stop Sign at a high rate of speed and results in a spectacular crash if any object is hit.
3) CWFB runs through a Red Light.  A T Bone crash will likely kill the driver or passenger. The CWFB is accelerating and going at a high rate of speed and has the force to kill other car passengers.
4) CWFB runs into a garage door or back of garage while parking, With the accelerator down the car does not stop until it meets an object big enough to stop it, often going through the garage.
5) CWFB runs into a house or business and does not stop until significant damage done to stop the car. With the accelerator down the car does not stop until it meets an object big enough to stop it. Many times damage is done to other cars hit before hitting the building.
6) CWFB runs through the side of a bridge, over a cliff or into water at a high rate of speed.
7) CWFB runs into a person or a crowd while not being able to stop and, in fact, accelerating. If the driver is able to  regain control of the car, it will be hundreds of yards beyond the scene of the accident. With no control of stopping the car, the driver is now subject to a leaving the scene violation also.

An SCI crash often leaves one shaking your head on how it could possibly happen. This type of accident is frequently reported in the news. A few examples of reports that are caused by SCI ABS Brake failure -
  1. CWFB hitting a large vehicle no one could miss seeing - Fire truck, School bus, or Train
  2. CWFB hitting a parked car so hard it kills a person inside.
  3. CWFB going airborne by hitting a curb with high acceleration and ends up on a roof top or in a tree
  4. CWFB going through a fence and into a swimming pool
  5. The Memphis police car climbing a utility pole.
  6. CWFB crashing through a fence and then into a house
  7. CWFB crashing into a store and continues  damaging route inside.
  8. CWFB crashing through bridge into bayou, lake, or river.
  9. CWFB crashing out of parking lot at level above street level

Please note;  The hardest concept for people to grasp and accept in these senerios is that the resulting crash is independant of the driver talking on a cell phone, being young, being old, being on medicine, talking to a person in the car, or even being totally drunk.

My point is that I am not saying that the individual distracted driving issues can't cause an accident, just that the driver 's condition has no bearing on a car accident when the ABS brakes failed.

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