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Santa Monica Farmer's Market Incident
Date :                 7/16/2003
Location:        Farmer's Market
Name:            George R Weller
Car:           Buick LeSabre
Vehicle Year:   1992
City;          Santa Monica
Type Accident:   Car runs into crowd
Killed:                 Ten
Injured:           Sixty Three

Accident Description:

Elderly (86) man's car went out of control, hit a car, went through road close sawhorses, plowed through large crowd at a Farmers market before hitting two parked cars to stop his vehicle.
Claims brakes did not work.

News Stories:CNN news 
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                               LA Times closer

My Comments

This is a typical scenerio for the SCI failure described in this website. The driver puts his foot on the brake and the car speeds up. No one had ever told any driver that this was a possibility, so the driver had just seconds to deal with a condition that totally made no sense. In the 5 years of legal maneuvering, all the issues focused on the elderly gentleman and his inability to control the car and how he should be properly fined and punished.

Nothing in the years of litigation focused on the cause of the incident - a failure of the ABS Brake. The driver could not stop the car. His age did not contribute to the accident, yet how many laws were passed as a result of this incident to regulate elderly people? No one was able to determine the root cause of the accident and fix the ABS Brakes, because the attention was focused on punishing the driver. Therefore carnage on the road continues. 

If we had any proper analysis and had found the root cause in this incident, there never would have been a Toyota Folly in 2010. But NHTSA still has not recognized the ABS Brake problem. NHTSA elder driver laws and proposed fixes do not address the root cause; therefore, the carnage on the highways goes on.

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