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ABS Brakes - The Stealth Killer

Stealth Mode

Hydraulic brakes

The hydraulic brake systems were developed to a high degree of reliability. If a crash occurred, simple analysis could determine if the brakes contributed to the crash. Perry Mason could do the analysis the next day, the next week, or the next month and the defect was waiting to be found.

Complex electronics used daily have regular failures

Early computers crashed regularly and had a hard Reset button, to recover from any problem that came up. The hard Reset threw the computer into a total power up mode to initialize the computer and all data. Anything being worked on when it crashed was lost if not saved to disk memory before the crash. Later, computers allowed a soft control of reset by using a CNTL/ALT/DEL key combination. Using a software controlled reset allowed some data to be saved for crash analysis of the computer. Still many times the soft control of reset did not work and a power cycle was still required. The power up cycle required several minutes, but initialized the whole computer to get it operational again.

Cable boxes are also software controlled and frequently do not operate properly. After calling the cable company for help to get it running again, the fix that always worked was unplug the cable box for 15 seconds and plug it back in. This could be handled by a reset button, but the cable box does not have one. The power on cycle took generally 5 minutes, but solves the problem.

Cell Phones are another software controlled modern device which regularly freezes up and no combination of touches to the keys or screen recover any operation. The cell phone does not have a reset button so to get it started again, one must open the phone, take the battery out, replace the battery, reassemble, and wait 5 minutes to power up and initialize the system. 

The point of the above examples is that our software controlled world of devices foul up regularly. We fix them by a system reset or power up to reinitialize all data to make the system work correctly. The cause of the problem for the crash is seldom an issue. All we want is the system running properly again.

ABS Brakes are software controlled systems. While every effort is made to make the ABS Brake system robust and monitor and correct small failures without the notice of any change in the system operation, there are obvious times the ABS Brake system enters a zombie state and does not work properly. This is when the brake pedal goes to the floor and there is no stopping force on the wheels. The ABS Brake module does not report to the Black box that it does not know which way is up. The car crashes.

When an accident investigator or mechanic turns the key on in the car to assess the situation, the ABS Brake module goes through a power on cycle, initializing all data, and will run perfectly until the real world combination of inputs which caused it to fail is presented again.

Turning on the car ignition resets any problem the ABS Brake module had. Is there any surprise that no one has found a bad or failed ABS Brake module? So the accident investigator or mechanic runs a test on the module that caused the wreck and demonstrates it is working. The ABS Brake module is cleared that it did not cause the wreck.
Any driver claiming failed brakes is easily proven a liar by a DA to a jury and an innocent driver is convicted for the wreck.  Only one driver has been reported of being freed after two years in prison after the Toyota issue raised doubt of his guilt. Millions more drivers have been wrongly convicted in our "justice system" and should have convictions overturned!

The worst part of this is that with the true cause of the wreck dismissed as the cause, what is put in the Crash report and the National Crash Data Base as the cause?  It is all made up - totally ficticious. How can it be the truth?

How many drivers have been destroyed by false crash reports,

NHTSA accommodated this lack of crash causes with studies to make up distracted driver issues to charge drivers.  NHTSA has about a $1 Billion budget to do studies and make up charges to convict innocent drivers,

In the systems other than ABS Brakes, no one cares what causes the failure unless it happens often. For the ABS Brake failure, it is critical we understand how it fails, to correct the system. Old techniques do not work. The system is working. The discovery process is to find the condition that makes the module fail. This is no simple task even for experts who know what they are doing. But  NHTSA and lawyers checking and analyzing Speed control modules, ECU modules, ETC modules and Floor mats don't have a chance finding the problem when working  on the wrong system.

Not finding any problem in the wrong modules was no problem - Just blame the driver.

Years of failed investigations

Now that you have an understanding of the correct problem for sudden acceleration and why the investigations turn up nothing, focusing on incorrect modules, it may be good to review all the wrong expert led directions.
The best chronicle of the follies is wikipedia

Sudden Unintended Acceleration

Toyota Recalls

If experts had solved the unintended acceleration in the first two decades it existed, there would not have been a Toyota issue.

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