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Texas City Police Officer Crash
Date :                 1/18/2008
Location:      9000 block of FM1764
Name:              Officer White
Car:     Ford F-150 Pickup
Vehicle Year:   2003
City;           Texas City
Type Accident:   Crash of parked car
Killed:                 One
Injured:               One
Accident Description:

Off duty Texas City Police Officer, driving home at 1:30 AM after drinking with buddies, pulls over to help a stranded motorist.  His pickup truck slams into the back of the car he was pulling over to help and kills the lady in the car. Tests showed BAC = 0.17

News Stories:   Chronicle

My Comments:

After midnight and going home the TCPO sees a stranded motorist. Personally I would be too afraid to stop and help someone that time of night; but Police Officers are naturally biased to help people. This was in a territory John was familiar with, so he pulled over to the emergency lane to stop behind the car in trouble - A Good Samariton mission. His Ford F-150 pickup enters the Sudden Acceleration mode and quickly speeds out of control and hits the car he is intending to help with a huge force.  I see story after story of local Ford F-150 pickup trucks doing damage after experiencing the SCI failure mode. John startled by the SA of his truck is focused on what is going wrong and in a couple seconds has hit the car so hard the lady in it is killed. 

John was drinking with buddies before this accident and had a BAC = 0.17. The legal and public attention was so focused on the BAC being over the legal level that the true cause of the accident was never even investigated.
John lost his job, lost his house, and was convicted of a crime he did not have control over, spent time in jail, was fined, and forced into community service by our "legal system."  Fellow officers I talked to had nothing but praise for John and his performance as a Texas City Police Officer and as a person.

The general public was happy with a drunk PO getting screwed by the "justice system". Comments to news articles showed MADD is successful in adjusting public opinion that alcohol can cause almost any  type of accident and the solution is to punish the driver to make the roads safer. The failure of the ABS Brakes continue to cause crashes every day and no one is working on the solution. The failing ABS Brakes are offering a continuous supply of drivers to charge for crashes. Many are "legally" drunk but did not cause the accident. News reporters and attorneys have a steady job to prey on these drivers.  No one points out the same type accidents are caused by sober drivers. Why should punishment be different for drivers that drink and drivers that don't drink? MADD and NHTSA have pushed the BAC limit low due to bad data, not recognizing the crashes caused by defective brakes.

The National Traffic Safety Board is currently proposing dropping the legal limit of BAC to 0.05 to be able to punish a few more innocent drivers. This is Government gone wild.

I propose we fix the ABS Brake system that causes numerous accidents daily so everyone is safer.
Certified accident investigators need to be trained to spot the SCI type accidents.
Punishment for drunk driving should be reserved for people who have a high enough BAC to actually affect their driving. They should not be punished for getting caught at a police check point and tested to an arbitrary BAC limit.

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